Monday, March 9, 2009

ultimatum design

what is it?
the word ultimatum means requirement or the last condition to be accept without any , ultimatum design means the design must be accept without any discussion.

how its begin?
its just begin when the creator do some design, and he give a tittle to his concept car as ultimate um design


This post will show you any concept design made by the creator and his link...

1.Ultimatum design ( solar car design)
:by creator[faad (lead), lah, azyan](um)

wire frame model

3D solid model
software : pro-e 3.0 wildfire

2.Solarion ( solar car design)
: by creator friends [cheng , azren,elyas ](um)

software : pro-e 3.0 wildfire

3.Smart remover (material handling)
:by creator and friends [faad (lead),ainn ,asmarani,hafizam, edry,azizi](PSA)

You will need this trolley when:
  1. you leave at high building to bring your stuff and that time , an elevator always break down.
  2. you(workers) wanted to send gas barrel or else to high building

This selected concept had been produced after 2.5month. this trolley can lift up your thing such as gas barrel , dozen box of A4 paper, heavy tool box fridge and others. This trolley can support the mass lower than 80 kg. The trolley has an absorber to absorb the vibration while lift up on the stair.

test product with our stair

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